We have done more to cut back on carbon emissions than any other state and that’s a record I’m proud of. 

As we look toward California’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2045 we need to focus on solar, wind, and battery storage facilities. We need a 21st Century Electric Grid that will handle the transition.

We need to keep the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant open which produces ZERO carbon emissions. While gas prices are on the rise, we need affordable clean energy we can depend on.

As we move towards more electric vehicles and the needed EV charging stations we must also be prepared and ready to handle the new demand with our energy infrastructure as the electrification of homes and buildings increase. Our energy consumption could double by 2045 and we will have to consider electricity pricing with the possibility of rate reform as we transition our appliances, workplace environments, and again the cost to maintain this new demand. We will have to simplify regulatory reviews and their approvals as we advance to move toward California’s 2045 carbon neutrality goal.

As we lead in carbon reductions we must move with caution and make sure we have the right infrastructure in place to accomplish our smart energy goals.