Vicki is taking the labels off of politics

Why does the focus have to be on what "side" you are on? We are all neighbors. We want the same things; Thriving businesses, job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, & more educational opportunities for our kids.
We want our families to live and thrive here, and not leave because it’s too expensive to stay!

It's time we take the labels off politics and start working directly for the people.

Parents should be able to make important decisions for their families, not bureaucrats and lobbyists. From education to healthcare, empowered parents are the best guarantee for families to flourish.

Sacramento policies and lacking leadership have produced failing schools. It’s not about the nearly $20,000 allocated per student, it’s about the mismanagement and the misuse of education funds.  Learning has gone by the wayside and gotten us mandates that make no sense.

This is why parents, students, and taxpayers are standing up to Sacramento’s hypocritical policies and mandates. Our children are our future leaders, and we must fight for them.

Our daily lives are being impacted every year by the passing of new laws. This year alone, over 2,000 new bills by California Politicians have been introduced in Sacramento. This includes employee mandated vaccinations, job-killing 32-hour workweeks with 40-hour pay, and increased gas taxes. We all want a better quality of life, not another new law placing more burdens on us.

Families, marginalized communities, and young people are paying the price for these restrictive government regulations.

Vicki is a leader who listens and will stand up for our quality of life.

We need successful models, transparency, and accountability.

California’s homeless population has continued to grow, and statewide is challenged to find effective solutions. California lacks a strategic plan – I would recommend the development of measurable goals, objectives, and timelines.

We need facilities where services can be obtained in one location where help can be obtained for mental health and substance abuse.

We are facing a business exodus. The weight of taxes and regulation falls heavily on small and medium businesses which employ and create job opportunities for more than 6.7 million Californians throughout our state.

California is now being recognized as one of the worst places to do business in the nation. It’s also lacking a business-friendly environment continually introducing restrictive regulations, increasing taxes, and state control. California Politicians brag about job creation, however, 13,000 businesses have left California, including 265 Headquarters like Oracle, HP, and Tesla.

Vicki will stand up for local businesses to thrive and grow.

We have done more to cut back on carbon emissions than any other state and that’s a record I’m proud of. 

As we look toward California’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2045 we need to focus on solar, wind, and battery storage facilities. We need a 21st Century Electric Grid that will handle the transition. 

We need to keep the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant open which produces ZERO carbon emissions. While gas prices are on the rise, we need affordable clean energy we can depend on.

As we lead in carbon reductions we must move with caution and make sure we have the right infrastructure in place to accomplish our smart energy goals.

Passing the Single Payer Healthcare Bill, AB-1400, would have been the single largest tax increase in California’s history. It would would have offered fewer choices for individuals, businesses, and hurt the very people it is supposed to help. Just like our businesses leaving the state, we don’t need our doctors leaving the state.

Responsible leadership is needed to keep a watchful eye in our State Capital to make sure these disastrous healthcare bills do not go into policy.

We have seen crime rise in our neighborhoods, on our school campuses, and in local businesses and it is affecting the quality of life.

We cannot back down. We need to support our law enforcement. The people who protect and serve our communities deserve our respect and support. 

I support funding our police and hiring more officers to keep our neighborhoods, school campuses, shopping malls, workplaces, and community streets safe. 

Reforming Prop 47 (The Safe neighborhoods and School Act) passed by voters in 2014 reduced the threshold for stealing penalties from $500.00 to $950.00. If the criminal is caught officers write a citation, release them on the no-bail policy, and their back at it again.

Now is the time to reform these soft-on-crime policies. 

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